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Got a question? An idea? Just want to chat about kimchi recipes? We look forward to hearing from you.

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We love spreading the word about The Homestead Atlanta. If you love talking to people and telling them all about the great stuff we're up to, please let us know! Not sure what to say? No worries - we'll meet up with you beforehand to give you the low down and some sweet, sweet swag to hand out.

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Howdy! So here's the deal: we need helpers for some of our workshops to get the word out and be there the day of the event to be extra helping hands. You'll get to enjoy the workshop for half price in exchange. If you're interested in helping with one of these workshops, please drop us an email!


  1. Help spread the word about the workshop in advance if it's not sold out. We have a wonderful group of participants, but Atlanta is a big place, and lots of folks don't know about us yet! Help us make sure your workshop is full and fun for everyone.
  2. Show up to the event early and stay late to help get things in order. We'll put you in touch with the instructor prior to the event and you can work out how much time set up and break down will require (it's usually about .5 hour on both sides).
  3. We ask that you become acquainted with where the workshop is held, as we'll provide your phone number to participants in case they get turned around.
  4. Check people in and record any drop-ins - we'll make sure you have a spreadsheet with names and numbers. If someone is late, feel free to shoot them a text to make sure they're not lost!
  5. Smile and make new friends! Most importantly, you're there to help folks feel at home and have a great experience - and we hope that you have one, too!

10/15 Backyard Chickens
10/20 Embroidery Basics
10/30 Indigo Dyeing
11/5 Vermicomposting
11/5 Fire Cider
11/12 Zero Waste Cleaning
12/10 Winter Seed Sowing