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10.10.15 Blacksmithing: Campfire Cookset – FUNDAMENTALS: Shepherd’s Crook Fire Poker

2015 Sept-Dec

10.10.15 Blacksmithing: Campfire Cookset – FUNDAMENTALS: Shepherd’s Crook Fire Poker

GF - Module 1 - Fire Poker.PNG
GF - Module 1 - Fire Poker.PNG
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10.10.15 Blacksmithing: Campfire Cookset – FUNDAMENTALS: Shepherd’s Crook Fire Poker


In this first of four workshops in Module One: Fundamentals, you’ll learn the techniques you need to create a Shepherd’s Crook Fire Poker, because poking fire is delightful. Additionally, it can be combined with the other Module One elements to create an easy structure for cooking over a fire. No prior forge experience is necessary.

Please meet your class at The Warhorse Coffee shop at The Goat Farm 15 minutes early. Please wear long sleeves, pants & boots. Bring an obscene amount of water.

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These workshops fill up quickly – the best way to make sure you always have a space is to purchase the whole module in advance – plus it will help you save!

Register for All Module One Workshops (a $20 discount)

After several years of trying to keep up with our participants’ blacksmithing desires, we’ve finally got the series for you.

This fall and winter, we’re partnering with Goat n Hammer to bring you a four module series teaching you blacksmithing fundamentals as you forge your very own campfire cookset.

The entire series will take place every other Saturday from 10:30-1:30, stretching from October to May, and there’s no commitment to make it to each session – though you’re definitely going to want to.

Module One: FUNDAMENTALS – Shepherd’s Crook Fire Poker, S-Hook, Swivel Arm, Yoke Fork
Module Two: STRUCTURE – Ring Hook, Flint Striker, Trammel, Tripod
Module Three: UTENSILS – Turner, Bottle Opener, 2-Tine Fork, Copper Ladle
Module Three: BLADES – Camp Ax + Leather Sheath, Outdoor Knife + Leather Sheath

Throughout the series, you’ll learn the basics of forge safety as well as forging points and fishtails, forming, drawing down, simple set downs, splitting, punching, drifting and more.

About the Instructor: 

Goat n Hammer is a small group of artisans sharing studio space at The Goat Farm, but they quickly become like family. Led by Mark Hopper, this growing group of metalsmiths provides a safe, fun, rigorous environment to expand your knowledge and hone your skill in blacksmithing.


Mark has worked and taught in Europe, Africa and America and continues to do both from his Westside studio. He focuses on the process and function of the craft, the responsibility of the individual, and the lessons of the great craftsmen of the past. 

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