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10.17.15 Beekeeping 102: Caring For Your Hive

2015 Sept-Dec

10.17.15 Beekeeping 102: Caring For Your Hive

Beekeeping 102.PNG
Beekeeping 102.PNG

10.17.15 Beekeeping 102: Caring For Your Hive

from 25.00

Now that you’ve decided to keep bees, one of your biggest and most rewarding challenges is to keep your colony healthy and thriving through the winter. In this workshop, you will learn how to assess the health of the hive and its stores. We will cover determining if you need to feed the colony and, if so, what, how, and how often.


You will learn to check the health of your colonies as well as common problems and how to treat for them. Specifically, we will cover the varroa mite life cycle and how to control them effectively. Finally, we’ll touch on how to combine colonies to create a stronger hive. Chances are, since starting your hives, you probably have lots of questions, and this workshop is the perfect time to ask them.


About the Instructor:
For biologist Véronique Perrot, every garden is a laboratory. Amid the soil, the Paris native cultivates plants, studies bees and chickens, and experiments in attracting pollinators using experience and reverence gained while earning her PhD in Evolutionary Biology. She grew up in Paris but spent enough time in Burgundy to learn how to make jam, can beans, and slaughter chickens. To share her expertise, Perrot not only writes for science journals, but teaches about her passions at the Wylde Center. Véronique keeps bees, chickens, a husband and two daughters in Lake Claire, not far from Little 5 Points.

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