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10.24.15 Water Smarter: Harvest the Rain

2015 Sept-Dec

10.24.15 Water Smarter: Harvest the Rain

Water Harvesting.PNG
Water Harvesting.PNG

10.24.15 Water Smarter: Harvest the Rain

from 25.00

Did you know that Atlanta averages 50” of rainfall a year? That means that you could pretty much water your garden and property without ever having to use a drop of city water – if you plan for it.

In this workshop, we’ll explore rainwater as a resource and how it falls in our geography as well as how to capture it for use in your garden – both above ground and in-ground cisterns. We’ll also discuss active vs. passive rainwater collection and land contouring (berms & swales).

And it’s not just about capturing that water, but about using it well; we’ll cover how to get the water back out of your system using the least energy and into helpful systems like drip irrigation and more. At the end of the workshop, we’ll visit a residential property just around the corner featuring a 300-gallon cistern with first flush diverter and submersible pump that feeds and annual garden via drip irrigation.

About the Instructor:
Joey Zeigler operates a local business, Zeigler Homestead Services, that helps folks setup food systems in their backyard, including: chicken keeping, coop building, garden coaching, orcharding, passive and active rainwater harvesting systems, custom carpentry and many more homesteading efforts.  Joey has participated in the 2012 Urban Coop Tour of Atlanta, the 2013 Decatur Garden Tour, and sits on the board of directors for Morningside Farmers Market, and is a regular speaker on sustainable agriculture and homesteading techniques. 


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