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11.1.15 Biodynamics

2015 Sept-Dec

11.1.15 Biodynamics


11.1.15 Biodynamics

from 30.00

Growing organically is great, but it only scratches the surface of how deeply interconnected all the forces that go into plant and animal growth really are. Discover the atmospheric factors critical to plant growth, the growth gestures of plants, the role of lunar cycles and how biodynamics channels this knowledge into a holistic, closed system free from dependence on external inputs.  Enjoy a thorough introduction to biodynamic preparations and explore the intimate connections between soil and sky, animal and plant.

About the Instructor:
Darby Weaver, the Sun Dog Farmer,  is a powerhouse of biodynamic knowledge and hard work. She has a degree in sustainable agriculture from Sterling College and has also been asked to speak on the topic of biodynamics across the country. She was honored to farm the Blairsville property of her mentor and inspiration Hugh Lovel, who farmed the land for over 30 years. She looks forward to bringing nurturing food to people while restoring the ecology of the land through biodynamic principles.


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