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11.22.15 Designing Your Ecological Landscape

2015 Sept-Dec

11.22.15 Designing Your Ecological Landscape

Ecological Landscape.PNG
Ecological Landscape.PNG

11.22.15 Designing Your Ecological Landscape

from 40.00

Revolutionize the way you look at growing food in your yard. Forget your idea of a 5x5 postage stamp garden and explore all the ways you can transform your entire landscape into an oasis full of edible herbs, plants and flowers.


Design your landscape to promote biodiversity: we’ll cover ornamental, edible, and ecological plants – many of them natives - to use in your design palette to create an aesthetically beautiful system that feeds both you and the environment. Special emphasis will be given to the applied research of Dr. Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home.


Join us and start scheming and planning your perfect landscape plans for 2016 – it’ll keep those winter blues away for sure!


About the Instructor:
L. Daniel Ballard is the owner of Convivial Gardens, a team bringing life to landscapes and landscapes to life that are both environmentally-friendly and edible. He is the former head gardener with the Wylde Center. His background includes both horticulture and education. Daniel lives in the Kirkwood with his wife and three children.


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