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1.23.16 Seed Starting for Spring

2016 Jan-May

1.23.16 Seed Starting for Spring

Seed Starting.png
Seed Starting.png

1.23.16 Seed Starting for Spring

from 25.00

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening: get a head start on a great spring growing season when you start your seedlings indoors during the colder months. Whether you have a couple of raised beds and a balcony garden or are ready to start your backyard farm, you can explore a whole new world of variety - and save big - by sprouting your own seedlings.

Learn the ins and outs of everything from buying seed to the best soil mixes, pots and trays- right down to building an indoor light stand! Also discover the nuances of heat sources, timing, how to best sow your seeds for maximum germination. Get hardy plants grown to transplant size and find out how and when to harden them off to be planted outdoors. Plus, get hands on and try it for yourself, going home with some potted seeds and a whole lot of know-how!

*Seed start mix will be available for purchase.

[This workshop will dovetail directly into the Wylde Center's Annual Seed and Scion Swap! So be sure to bring any seeds you might have (not mandatory) and get ready to meet some great folks!]


About the Instructor:
Mike’s career in growing started when he was 15 years old and cultivated and sold plants to his neighbors. With over 40 years experience propagating plants, Mike runs Country Gardens Farm -  a multi-generational family farm, located in Coweta County, Georgia, which grows local farm fresh food. They offer our products to a large portion of the metro-Atlanta area.

All of their farm food is grown without chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. Their farm fresh food is grown in a sustainable manner using organic methods. Their animals are treated humanely and have access to pasture every day.

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