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2.13.16 Distilling Essential Oils & Flower Waters

2016 Jan-May

2.13.16 Distilling Essential Oils & Flower Waters

Distilling EOs.png
Distilling EOs.png

2.13.16 Distilling Essential Oils & Flower Waters


Essential Oils have a long and rich history of helping us disinfect, heal, and boost our moods. They’re kind of all the rage these days. But knowing where they come from and the process of creating them can help you understand why these oils are so valuable and ways to source them ethically and well.

We’re bustin’ out our shiny new copper still to distill plant material into flower waters (hydrosols) and a weeeeeee bit of essential oil; you’ll be shocked how much plant it takes to create just a few milliliters of essential oil. We’ll also cover some essential oil basics as well as sourcing for oils and equipment if you want to distill your own oils at home! We hope to send you home with some hydrosol, so bring a small bottle along with you.

This workshop is being led by the wonderful Chris, a guest distiller and herbalist from Ireland, so don’t miss it! We’re not sure when we’ll offer it again!

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