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3.12.16 Weekend Immersion: Basketmaking

2016 Jan-May

3.12.16 Weekend Immersion: Basketmaking

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Photo Dec 22, 10 42 14 AM.png

3.12.16 Weekend Immersion: Basketmaking

from 85.00

It’s time to reimagine the backpack – old school style. In this weekend immersion workshop, you’ll learn the ins and outs of basketmaking, starting with a mini bicycle basket and graduating to a pack basket using rattan reed and a wooden rim.

Whether you use it for fishing trips, the farmer’s market, or a simple picnic with a friend – it’s as beautiful as it is functional. And you’ll be proud to show it off!


Absolute beginners are welcome! Just want to try it out? Just sign up for the one-day mini bicycle basket option! You’ll learn how to layout the base and shape the basket as well as attach handles, skids and straps. We’ll break for lunch, but consider bringing it along so you can keep working if you’re in the basket groove!


*Note: if you plan to make a pack basket and have a larger body build, let us know so we can order larger straps for you.



Meredith Bridges is a fiber artist who works with natural materials and traditional production techniques. Her current focus is designing leather goods and patterns for her travel line Nomad Travel Gear.


Born and raised in Atlanta, Meredith now resides in Chapel Hill, NC. Since studying Art Education at the University of Georgia, Meredith has worked at a number of craft based organizations including: Arrowmont, John Campbell Folk School, Yestermorrow Design/Build School and Tillers International.

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