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4.23.16 Macrame Succulent Hanger

2016 Jan-May

4.23.16 Macrame Succulent Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger.jpg
Macrame Plant Hanger.jpg

4.23.16 Macrame Succulent Hanger


Sometimes the best things resurface after decades of neglect. One of our favorites: macramé! This ancient technique of creating fabrics and useful items through knotwork has withstood the test of time and is making a come back since its heyday in the Victorian era and then again in the 70’s!


We’ll teach you the basics you need to create a “totes adorbs” plant hanger for your home or office using recycled glassware. Fill it with your favorite blooms, easy to maintain succulents, a hands-off topiary, or put your favorite trinkets in there. The sky’s the limit, and there’s no end to the creative things you can make once you know the basics of macramé!

About the Instructor:
Gretchen is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a concentration in Fibers. She seeks anything to ignite her passion, spark her creativity and be spiritually grounding. Having studied Fibers in college, she was naturally attracted to textiles and how easily they could be manipulated with color and form.

Gretchen owns a small business, Thrive, where she continually explores the endless possibilities of dyeing in her studio. The products she produces through Thrive are a reflection of her own personal journey and transformation within her practice of meditation and yoga.

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