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5.21.16 Make your own Lumber with Freedom Builders

2016 Jan-May

5.21.16 Make your own Lumber with Freedom Builders

5.21.16 Mill Lumber.jpg
5.21.16 Mill Lumber.jpg

5.21.16 Make your own Lumber with Freedom Builders

from 45.00

Turn your backyard trees into your next home or piece of furniture 


Use your trees to build something wonderful. Learn how to take the resources in your backyard from tree to lumber. This workshop covers a basic understanding Georgia's softwood and hardwood trees and how to transform them into lumber that can be used to build furniture, cabinets and homes. 


The workshop takes place at Freedom Labs on the outskirts of Union City and Serenbe. A living lab and homestead for sustainable living, Freedom Labs uses on-site milled lumber for all of its lumber building projects. Cutting lumber is not just about cutting a tree down and slicing it up. This workshop will show you how to identify the maturity of the tree, identify the various types of lumber found in each tree and the different methods for cutting the tree to lumber.


As a bonus, you will be able to take home some lumber for your next project and learn what to do with the fallen branches and debris to use them in other projects like soap making and forging.


About the Instructor:

Faruq Hunter has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, at SXSW, Re:Publica, Georgia Tech’s Impact Series and over 50 additional venues throughout 24 Countries on the topics of innovation, sustainability, collaboration and technology.


Mr. Hunter is the co-founder of the Freedom Nation and Freedom Villages. Freedom Village-Georgia is a 205 Acre Maker's town built exclusively for makers, innovators, artists and creatives by makers, innovators, artists and creatives. 1 hour from the 3rd largest airport in the US and the busiest airport in the world, Freedom Village is set in a county that has created the legal leeway that makers need to live a lifestyle of experimentation, growth and freedom. Set to break ground in January 2017, the entire town will produce its own food, electricity, water and natural gas on an internally developed distributed energy production Smart Grid and with 25 acres of Organic farms and ranches.


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