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4.24.16 Soil Health Focus: Brewing & Using Compost Tea

2016 Jan-May

4.24.16 Soil Health Focus: Brewing & Using Compost Tea

Compost Tea.png
Compost Tea.png

4.24.16 Soil Health Focus: Brewing & Using Compost Tea

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If you've been paying attention, you know that the health of your garden is a reflection of the health of your soil. And nothing boosts your soil's health to superhero status like a healthy microbiology.

That's where compost tea comes in! You can use small amounts of compost to inoculate your entire growing space with beneficial bacteria and fungi! Join Joey Zeigler of Zeigler Homestead Services for a run down on how to make your own compost tea and its impact on your soil!

You'll learn:

  • Why microbiology is important for your soil
  • The pros (and nonexistent cons) of using compost tea
  • How to brew and use compost tea
  • The parts needed and steps of constructing your own compost tea brewer

Transform the way you think about - and feed - your soil! Your garden will thank you for it abundantly.

About the Instructor:
Joey Zeigler operates a local business, Zeigler Homestead Services, that helps folks setup food systems in their backyard, including: chicken keeping, coop building, garden coaching, orcharding, passive and active rainwater harvesting systems, custom carpentry and many more homesteading efforts.  Joey has participated in the 2012 Urban Coop Tour of Atlanta, the 2013 Decatur Garden Tour, and sits on the board of directors for Morningside Farmers Market, and is a regular speaker on sustainable agriculture and homesteading techniques. 

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