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10.29.16 Biomimicry

2016 Sept-Dec

10.29.16 Biomimicry


10.29.16 Biomimicry

from 30.00

Utilizing the principles of Biomimicry, the intelligent design of nature allows the grower to incorporate annual and perennial crops and living organisms within a system that favors biodiversity, and will generate and maintain fertility without the need for outside inputs and purchased, concentrated products. 

In this presentation, practical guidance on how to incorporate systems of Biomimicry into a growing plan will be highlighted.  As the farm or garden becomes more cohesive, the opportunity for the grower to find true independence and sustainability is heightened.  The more boundaries nested into the layout of the growing organism, the more potential for life. 

As we move into a time of Climate instability and the increased desertification of Earth, it will be imperative that we design systems that are not only productive and sustainable, but also encourage the restoration of ecological communities native to these degraded regions.  The most powerful aspect of this holistic method of Agriculture is the healing quality designing and implementing these systems has on the human body and Spirit; potentized medicine for the Earth and ourselves.

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