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11.13.16 Fire!

2016 Sept-Dec

11.13.16 Fire!


11.13.16 Fire!

from 30.00

There's something essentially human about the need to create and control fire, but modern life has left us pretty estranged from this fundamental skill. Change the way you think of fire and discover its central importance in human history and affairs.

In this workshop, we’ll not only cover how to create good conditions for starting a fire, the types of wood in our area best for burning and why, how friction fire works and the basics of the bow drill – we’ll also will try to connect the dots as far as fire goes and all it's applications on the homestead and the uses of it's byproducts.

Feel free to stay after the workshop for a fun campfire hangout – one of the best applications of fire creation we know!


Bow drill kits will be available for purchase. Parking is available in the lot across the street or along Burroughs Ave.

About the Instructor:
Crack in the Sidewalk Farmlet is a small urban farm in the southern outskirts of Atlanta. Chris Clinton, Isia Cooper, and other members of the Crack in the Sidewalk community including Cory Kilcoyne have spent the last seven years carving out an agricultural niche in the city on their farm, and have forged reputations as local experts on urban foraging.

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