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11.20.16 Family Craft: Soap Carving

2016 Sept-Dec

11.20.16 Family Craft: Soap Carving


11.20.16 Family Craft: Soap Carving

from 25.00

Explore the wonderful world of carving with your family in an easy and safe way! Learn some of the basic techniques of carving with your children using popsicle sticks and Ivory soap in place of sharp tools and wood. We will provide a variety of carving patterns for inspiration --- or you can design your own personal work of art!

During class, Jim will explain how traditional wood carving techniques can be used with other materials - not just soap! We will show a variety of completed wood carving examples during this class.

About the Instructor:

Jim Carey has more than 12 years of experience carving wood and has shared his skills with adults and kids alike. Jim has discovered that wood carving can be a creative, relaxing and meditative experience that provides the senses with subtle sounds, fragrances, textures, and new patterns for the eye to appreciate as the wood is transformed into something new.

Some of Jim’s other interests include Celtic music, bread baking, camping, gardening, reading, photography, Japanese sumi-e painting, and bonsai tree growing.  For his day job, Jim is a behavioral scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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