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12.4.16 Vermicomposting

2016 Sept-Dec

12.4.16 Vermicomposting


12.4.16 Vermicomposting

from 30.00



Have you ever noticed that healthy soils rich in organic matter tend to be teeming with earthworm activity? That's not a coincidence! Earthworms are an integral part of a robust soil ecology and should be celebrated in the garden.

The practice of vermiculture can help you take the benefits of these little decomposers to the next level by harnessing their almost magical abilities to turn your kitchen scraps into slow-release superfood for your garden. Whether you live in a quaint apartment with zero outdoor space or on a working farm, a few easy vermiculture techniques you'll learn in this workshop will get you started creating the best fertilizer available right on your front porch... or under your kitchen sink... or in a utility closet. You get the idea! Each participant will go home with a worm tower for the garden. 

Street parking only, so arrive early! Please park on Mayson Avenue, not Hardee Street.


About the Instructor: 
Derek is a certified permaculture designer and site coordinator for the Wylde Center's Edgewood Community Learning garden. With an educational background in Environmental Geography and experience in organic farming around the world, he brings his passion for all things green and growing to workshops covering subjects from basic veggie gardening to applied agroecology. 

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