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9.10.16 Fermentation Focus: Cultured Food & Drink with Lupa's Kitchen

2016 Sept-Dec

9.10.16 Fermentation Focus: Cultured Food & Drink with Lupa's Kitchen

Fermentation Focus with Lupas-min.png
Fermentation Focus with Lupas-min.png

9.10.16 Fermentation Focus: Cultured Food & Drink with Lupa's Kitchen

from 30.00

Come discover the history and benefits of cultured food with a pioneer in the fermented food movement, Lupa Irie. You’ll see how simple it is to preserve vegetables and unlock their nutrients using only a handful of ingredients and a little bit of time! Transform your health one delicious cultured creation at a time.

Join us for a preparation of traditional sauerkraut, spicy kraut, lacto-fermented whole vegetables (Dilly Carrots!) and lacto-fermented drinks including the gut health powerhouse of kraut juice as well as natural whey sodas that are a delicious, probiotic treat for the whole family.

Street parking only, so arrive early! Please park on Mayson Avenue, not Hardee Street.


About the Instructor: 
Lupa Irie, ND, is a graduate of the University of Georgia, a naturopath, author, teacher, natural food chef, entrepreneur, artist and creator of Lupa’s Kitchen, Inc.

Driven by her personal and professional motto, “Therapy through Food”, Lupa has spent 40 years around the world building and expanding her knowledge of natural food preparation as medicine. Lupa believes our ancestors had it right - eating quality foods, healthy fats and soaked, sprouted and fermented nuts and grains maintains optimal health.

Outside of her kitchen, Lupa teaches her class Rediscovering Traditional Food Preparation, empowering individuals to maintain better health through diet. Also, as a private therapeutic and organic chef, Lupa helps individuals with chronic health issues control their health through diet and aids athletes in improving their overall performance.

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