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9.17.16 Tree Planting and Care

2016 Sept-Dec

9.17.16 Tree Planting and Care

Tree Planting & Care-min.png
Tree Planting & Care-min.png

9.17.16 Tree Planting and Care

from 20.00

Planting your fruit trees is just the first step – a healthy fruit forest depends on knowing how to care for and prune your leafy friends. Join Daniel Ballard of Convivial Gardens to learn the right way to plant a tree and proper the maintenance and care of fruit trees & ornamentals on your property. This hands-on workshop will focus on good planting practices, proper pruning, care and maintenance.

Please bring pruners & gloves and wear comfortable work clothes, as the workshop will take place outdoors.

About the Instructor:
Daniel Ballard is the edible design expert and one of the green thumbs behind Convivial Gardens. With several decades combined experience in landscaping, gardening, and education between them, the Convivial Gardens team knows its stuff when it comes to growing – and eating – plants that thrive in our area and transforming each yard into a gorgeous, edible oasis. They are passionate about edible ecological landscapes and believe that everyone has a green thumb.

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