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4.29.17 Forged Objects: Garden Tools II

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4.29.17 Forged Objects: Garden Tools II

April Forged Garden Tools.PNG
April Forged Garden Tools.PNG

4.29.17 Forged Objects: Garden Tools II

from 115.00

Your days of sub-par garden tools are over. Try your hand at various blacksmithing skills and techniques to create garden tools combining utility and beauty that you'll enjoy for a lifetime.

In this two-session workshop, our friends at Goat n Hammer will take you through the steps of forging and forming, riveting, sheetwork, and just a touch of woodworking to help you create a large trowel and garden fork you can use in the garden this spring or give to your favorite green thumb. 

This workshop is perfect for those who have no prior forge experience or those who have been behind an anvil before. 

April 29th & May 6, 4:00pm-7:00pm

Please meet your class at The Warhorse Coffee shop at The Goat Farm 15 minutes early. Please wear long sleeves, pants & boots. Bring an obscene amount of water.

About the Instructor: 
Goat n Hammer is a small group of artisans sharing studio space at The Goat Farm, but they quickly become like family. Led by Mark Hopper, this growing group of metalsmiths provides a safe, fun, rigorous environment to expand your knowledge and hone your skill in blacksmithing.

Mark has worked and taught in Europe, Africa and America and continues to do both from his Westside studio. He focuses on the process and function of the craft, the responsibility of the individual, and the lessons of the great craftsmen of the past. 

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