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4.9.17 Natural Skincare: DIY Spa Facial Trio

Active Classes

4.9.17 Natural Skincare: DIY Spa Facial Trio

DIY Facial Kit.png
DIY Facial Kit.png

4.9.17 Natural Skincare: DIY Spa Facial Trio

from 40.00

Now you can pamper your skin with the most natural, nourishing, delightful ingredients - and learn how to make it all yourself! Join Marie-Lies of Rambling Creation to create a Spa Facial Trio including a clay-based mask, a moisturizing cream, and Queen of Hungary toner. Not only can you customize your creations - we'll even be giving them a try in the workshop. Get ready to leave with soft skin, an amazing trio of products, and newfound knowledge of the role of herbs and plants in your skin's health.


About the Instructor:

In 2008, Marie-Lies found a book at her college library talking about how processed our food supply was compared to earlier years. This book led her on a path to change her diet and overall lifestyle. She started gardening, shopping at local farmers markets, making food from scratch, and eliminating skin care products with questionable ingredients. Once she moved back to Atlanta in the summer of 2008, she met a soapmaker at a local market that recommended a soapmaking book. Since that first time when she made soap with her husband, she never went back to store bought soap. Over the years, Marie-Lies has perfected her soapmaking skills and made them her own by creating her own recipes and using skin nourishing ingredients.  However, she has also learned to make other skin care products, such as creams, body butters, lip balms, and shampoo and sells them in her online store Rambling Creation.

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