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Botanical Beverage Bliss

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Botanical Beverage Bliss

4.19 Botanical Beverage Bliss.jpg
4.19 Botanical Beverage Bliss.jpg

Botanical Beverage Bliss

from 45.00

As delightful as gardening is, it’s really only half the fun when it comes to growing tea gardens, cocktail gardens and more! The sky’s the limit when it comes to the types of gardens you can grow – and you can get even more creative when it comes to putting your botanicals to culinary use.

Whether you love curling up at the end of the day with a cup of herbal tea, starting your morning with a green smoothie, staying refreshed with infused lemonade or trying your hand as a mixologist, entertaining your friends with exciting botanical cocktails – it all starts in the garden.

Join the team from Convivial Gardens as we discuss the types of gardens you can grow, the plants that thrive here, great multi-purpose plants for the kitchen, how to help them flourish, and how to plant aesthetically pleasing kitchen gardens. We’ll also dive into some preparations including teas, smoothies, and cocktails - tasting as we go! Whether you have a balcony or 20 acres, you can grow a garden unique to your culinary aspirations.

Come raise a glass to a world of botanical beverages and discover how you can grow yours in your own backyard!

About the Instructor:
Daniel Ballard, Jerilynn Beddingfield and Dara Suchke are the creative powerhouses and collective green thumbs behind Convivial Gardens. With several decades combined experience in landscaping, gardening, and education between them, the Convivial Gardens team knows its stuff when it comes to growing – and eating – plants that thrive in our area and transforming each yard into a gorgeous, edible oasis. They are passionate about edible ecological landscapes and believe that everyone has a green thumb.


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