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5 Wooden Gifts Sure to Please Any Tree Hugger


Come get to know more about The Homestead Atlanta, our endeavors and the things that pique our interest.

5 Wooden Gifts Sure to Please Any Tree Hugger

Carly Grady

These days everything seems to be plastic, disposable and lifeless. What happened to strong, sturdy and natural? This year, add a little more life and local Georgia roots to your holiday shopping list.  Here are 5 of our favorite hand-crafted gifts, all of which used to be part of a tree!

Forestique has created a tie made out of wood! We can almost guarantee your guy doesn’t have one of these hanging in his closet. Henry Wischusen is the mastermind behind the beautifully crafted works of wooden art. Wischusen grew up in New England making sculptures and tiny boats. After 35 years in the corporate world he returned to his passion of crafting things from wood. He follows a sustainable approach, preserving the beauty of the wood while maintain the reverence to the forest.


Forestique also offers a wide variety of bracelets and jewelry. All the woods are their natural color. No dyes, stains or chemicals are used. Each bracelet is made from organic material which means they react to the environment and you, making the fit uniquely your own. All the bracelets are sun cured and as flexible as they are strong. Who doesn’t want to wear a tree around their wrist?

Jason Prigmore’s  signature heirloom baby rattles are exquisitely turned by hand with lots of patience, creativity and love. These are wonderful keepsakes handcrafted from solid blocks of wood. Each piece is truly one of a kind just like the child it is intended for. 

Jason Prigmore ice cream scoops are an awesome family gift. I scream, you scream, we all scream for re-cycled, re-purposed and re-invent pieces of wood scraps made into an ice cream scoop. Most of Jason’s decorative accents are created with cut off pieces from other projects or downed trees. Forget hugging trees let hug Jason for being so resourceful! 

The Homestead Atlanta offers one of the best wooden gifts… it’s called a gift certificate! Imagine all the possibilities this little sliver of wood offers. The recipient could become a master in bee keeping, pound out their holiday frustrations in a blacksmithing class, create their own blown glass work of art or learn to forage in the forest.

Happy shopping and don’t forget to keep your shopping local and close to nature!