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Best things to buy while thrifting


Come get to know more about The Homestead Atlanta, our endeavors and the things that pique our interest.

Best things to buy while thrifting

Lauren Vaught

At The Homestead Atlanta, we definitely prefer to take a trip to the thrift store before investing in anything new. Whether you find the perfect outfit, a rug that really ties the room together, or just some old curtains you can upcycle because fabric is expensive these days, thrift stores are gold mines. And let's face it - we've already got enough folks buying new goods from half way across the world. Snagging something gently used helps the environment and your wallet! Check out some of our apprentice Lauren's favorite thrift store finds!

Thrift stores are becoming increasingly popular options for decorating your home. It’s been my go to far before Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” hit the radio. As a 20-something with a budding career - and a salary to match - I’m becoming aware of every dollar I spend. Upcycling, reusing, and thrifting are ideal for my budget. While I agree, some things are best bought unused, there are a few staples I’ll never buy new. Here is a list of basic pieces that are always in need and easy to find.

Glass flower vases

I’ll never buy a new glass flower vase. Thanks to all the women who must get flowers in the mail daily, (I’m not one of them,) Goodwill is flooded with glass flower vases of all sizes. Keep an eye out at yard sales for flower vases as well. You can usually do a package deal when you buy multiple.

White dishware

Whether it is a sugar and creamer set or ramekins, white dishware is easily matched with other pieces. They are a stylish classic that can last. Take advantage if you come across these at goodwill or yard sales. They will fit right in with your other kitchenware.

Salt shakers

I come across so many decorative salt shakers while antiquing. While many of them are a little too ridiculous to fit into my kitchen, some are pretty neutral. You can find many different sizes, colors and textures. Plus the low price tag lets you change them out with the seasons.


It’s so easy to find mirrors while you’re antiquing or at yard sales. You can find unique frames and designs that may not be in stores. It’s also easy to find basic mirrors and if the color is not perfect, you can easily paint over it.

Maybe it was the job shortage or student loan debt but somewhere along the way I realized it was absurd to spend close to $20 for something identical I could find for $3. Not to mention the added bonus of sustainability and helping the community, thrifting has become my favorite way to shop.