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Come get to know more about The Homestead Atlanta, our endeavors and the things that pique our interest.

Excitement abounds! Spring classes are here!

Rationally Creative

Hey beautiful Homesteaders, We have so. much. exciting. news! Where to begin...

First and foremost, it looks like we will be partnering with Georgia Organics this year, which is a splendid thing for everyone. Most importantly, it means a membership to Georgia Organics gets you reduced class tuition! Not a member of Georgia Organics yet? You can become one riiiiiiight here.


In related news, we went to the Georgia Organics Conference this past weekend and had a ball meeting folks, talking about our exciting spring curriculum, and getting the word out! With a bit of electronic elbow grease and luck, our website with full course descriptions and registrations will be available March 1, so you can go ahead and get excited.


But until then, you can find some of our course flyers scattered around town, or see what we've got in store for you this quarter right here: SPRING CLASSES!!!

In digging up stuff for the website, we found a blog post talking about the very first inklings of The Homestead Atlanta....from over two years ago. Guess we had to develop a solid root system before we could poke through the surface and grow. In essence, we're kind of like asparagus...except we don't make your pee smell funny. HOORAY! (Also, we'll re-post that original blog post soon just for fun...)

So thanks for your patience as we've gotten going. We're glad to finally be able to put our classes where our mouth is. Check back March 1 for dates, times, and registration info. Then help us spread the word like crazy! We can't wait to see you!