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Learn Something New, Because Why Not???


Come get to know more about The Homestead Atlanta, our endeavors and the things that pique our interest.

Learn Something New, Because Why Not???


Earlier this week I found myself sitting in a fine coffee shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky; Spencer's was the name, and if you ever find yourself in the area I suggest you stop by. It’s basically on the Western Kentucky University Campus, which explains all the backpacks and serious studying going on. This made me feel a bit out of place, everyone seemingly tending to important matters while I’m aimlessly scouring through NPR articles I missed out on earlier in the week in attempt to waste away the afternoon.  I eventually came across an interesting and relevant article about the lack of everyday useful life lessons learned on college campuses. The article focused on Stanford in particular and their new program called the “Teaching Kitchen @ Stanford” which will help teach students the basics of cooking and buying good food.

I think that’s great, but it also got me thinking that its not only Ivy League college kids that get bogged down with work which keeps them from acquiring new skills that can improve their lives. This is something that kind of everyone I’ve ever met goes through.  People just get busy; with - ya' know - life and stuff. Whether it’s that pesky 9 to 5 you’ve been holding down for a while now or the new series that just got released on Netflix that you cant pull yourself away from, I get it - Game of Thrones is really good, and you’ve got to have that spread sheet done Friday. But I also believe that mixing it up a little bit can be really good for you and learning to do some new stuff gives you something to brag about at the water fountain come Monday morning (if people actually do that??). You don’t need to enroll at a fancy school and have Jamie Oliver teach you how to fry an egg (this is basically what happens in the article).  You can watch some YouTube videos and fry that egg up at home. Once you’ve mastered that maybe try poaching it and then tell me about it, 'cause I still can’t really figure it out.

Obviously there’s tons of other non-egg related things you can pick up - in fact we’ve put together some really great classes you can attend and learn things like beekeeping basics, blacksmithing, mead making, and knitting to name a few. Then you can drink the mead you made while knitting and still watching Netflix, sounds kinda rad right?! That’s enough of the shameless self-promoting and there’s tons of other great stuff you can learn and do like ride a skateboard, rock climb, or take up fencing. Basically what I’m arguing is that learning new stuff is great, I believe it benefits your overall happiness and encourages others around you to explore new things as well. Besides, have you ever met someone who doesn’t have any hobbies? I have, they’re really boring. Don’t be boring. Go learn some stuff!

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