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Makin' new friends

Kimberly Coburn

Sometimes, it seems like teaching skills that require time and energy in the bustling heart of the Southeast's largest city is a fool's errand. Atlanta is a city of busy people. I mean, if you're on the 9-5 grind and managing to squeeze feeding yourself, exercise and basic personal hygiene in there (On the every-other-day shower schedule? Your secret's safe with us. Bonus water conservation points, right?) you're doing pretty well.

But this city is also chock full of people who are busy honing their skills, sharing their crafts, imagining greener ways to live. We are beyond lucky to have artisans, designers, thinkers, builders, and dreamers at the top of their game at our disposal only a short drive (traffic willing!) away.

In the past few weeks, we've begun exploring collaborative possibilities with so many amazing groups and spaces all around the city. Because it's inspiring as hell to be in those spaces with those people. Do it once and you'll experience those feelings of "I don't have the time to do this" transform into "I'll make the time to do this."

While discussing blacksmithing plans with Mark, one of the talented artisans at Goat n Hammer, he pointed out that learning to hammer metal or shape clay is about much more than acquiring a new skill - no matter how useful - or creating an object - no matter how functional or beautiful. It's about remembering your capacity to shape the life you lead - sometimes it just takes some time at an anvil or a wheel to remind you of your own immense power to create. It's some mind blowing stuff, and it'll sneak up on you while you're busy concentrating on getting that compost pile balanced or that mortice and tenon joint juuuuuust right.

All that to say, this fall is going to be a great one full of fantastic partnerships with some of the finest artisans, makers, and innovators this city's got to offer. We'll profile some of them as we go - so stay tuned!