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On busyness, creation and change


Our intern, Hannah, shares a little bit about what draws her to the world of sustainability and the handmade. We're pretty lucky to have her around!

Talking about change can seem a bit cheesy. It has absolutely been overdone and glossed over with every cliché. The conversation of dealing with new people, environments, and experiences gets old. The changes in my life recently have come in the form of opportunities; starting this internship with the Homestead is one of them. Many people welcome the changes, others can fight them. However, the difference I want distinguish for you lovely folks is not just acknowledging the changes and opportunities coming to you but to embrace and cultivate them.

It is quite simple to get sucked into the internet world of information. There is a plethora of information accessible (and not always particularly reliable).We feel informed on the latest trends and issues. Those can feel they have done their part by sharing a link on Facebook or re-tweeting some hashtag to raise awareness. Now those methods do help reach out to those who would otherwise never hear. But why do so many stop there? Getting involved is different from talking about getting involved. I am guilty of this myself.

I feel positive, empowered, and productive when I am working on projects, doing things with my hands, and getting involved. So why don’t I do it more often? It is time to stop thinking about getting involved and start doing it. And guess what? This does not have to do with being altruistic. Living sustainably is clearly good for your surroundings, but it is also good for yourself! It is the perfect balance between self-interest and conserving our environment. Desiring healthy food and clean air is not just for the good of all humanity, but for individual well-being. It is about developing your independence. We need to learn how to channel the swirls of our personal chaos and doubt into something good like the improvement of the earth and our communities.

I challenge those, who may be like myself, to really push to make a change this coming fall. Particularly if you have not felt many changes lately. It is easy to get bogged down by previously formed habits or discouraged about what you do not know how to do; but that is what the Homestead is here for! Sustainable living skills with the right resources provided for you. It is the power to make an impact on your community. This is the time to finally start that project that you have been talking about starting forever now. Maybe if you’re moving to a new city or neighborhood, figure out where you can grow the garden you have been wanting. Or learn to brew your own delicious beer. Maybe you have a new job or are in school and want to build a new bookshelf to store the resources you need. Make your own body scrub with the perfect scent. Whatever your desire is, the Homestead is here to help with all that and cultivate your passions and expand your community. The opportunities are endless.