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Come get to know more about The Homestead Atlanta, our endeavors and the things that pique our interest.

Say Hello to the Homestead Family!

Rationally Creative

We’re busy working on our best workshops yet for you – new topics, great locations, special touches. And we’ve found the secret sauce that will make everything run more smoothly, with extra smiles to go around. The Homestead Atlanta family is growing, and we want to introduce you to our Illustrious Interns of Great Glory, as you’ll most certainly be seeing them at workshops or interacting with them over time. We consider ourselves so lucky to have these great folks helping us grow and bring more and better hand-on resilience education to Atlanta.

Meet Katy: In the last three years Katy has gardened with and enjoyed the company of children at a Montessori school, been a summer farm production intern with Global Growers Network, and WWOOFed with Permies on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. She loves Love, cooking, gardening, foraging, poetry and learning to make things.




Meet Kristyn: Kristyn is a woman of many passions. Over the past year and a half, she and her husband have become increasingly interested in pursuing sustainable living and agriculture, documenting their experience on the blog (You should check it out, it's pretty awesome.)

She looks forward to picking up more skills to build her self-reliance and confidence in the many facets of homesteading; right now, she’s endeavoring to learn canning to help preserve all the bounty she’s learning to grow. In the long term, she hopes to find land to farm while further exploring and experimenting with methods of permaculture, biodynamics, and even aquaponics. As she says, “I foresee a homesteading frenzy of sorts.”


Meet Hannah: Hannah is a senior at Georgia state university studying non-profit organizations. Some skills that she’s most excited to learn include growing, processing, and preserving her own own food. Right now, she’s focused on her studies and applying what she’s learned to help The Homestead Atlanta grow, but her eventual dream is to transplant her knowledge and skills to the beautiful and vibrant country of New Zealand. She hopes one day to be able to live sustainably off her own land in a community of other earth-lovers.



Meet Robert: Born and raised in Atlanta, Robert is our man with the plan. He graduated from GA State in 2012 with a degree in political science and enjoys traveling, bicycles, skateboards, and food. Lots and lots of food.

Several of the people Robert looks up to in his life started out as blacksmiths, so he looks forward to trying his hand at the anvil with The Homestead Atlanta. The most recent DIY project taking up his time involves reshaping old skateboards, and he looks forward to a future working and living on farms and being more involved with the food production process, ideally somewhere in the mountains.



Meet Carmila: Carmila has been involved with things that grow ever since moving to Atlanta. Whether it’s helping out on farms with Crop Mob Atlanta, volunteering for Georgia Organics, working at the Botanical Gardens, helping facilitate classes at Cook’s Warehouse or furthering her studies to become a Community Herbalist, Carmila is always feeding her insatiable curiosity when it comes to food, plants and herbs. She's currently working on a project to write under her moniker “Princess Walnut” about health, DIY, and herbal/culinary learning adventures in the city on her blog-in-progress called Feral Eudaimonia. Skills that pique her curiosity are learning to play a hammered dulcimer, broom making, and botanical illustration.

From making her own raw cat food and cleaning products to exploring traditional foods and herbal remedies of various cultures, Carmila is a real renaissance woman and we’re glad to have her on our team.



Meet Lucy: As a senior in high school, Lucy is our youngest intern – but don’t second guess this lady’s determination. She loves working with small businesses and hasbeen working at farmers markets for the past six years. She just wrapped up a summer as a Community Liason in Senegal, and will hopefully continue giving us a hand until heading off to college. She’s excited to learn about not only food production and preservation but also how to make her own cosmetics, skin care products and more.