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8.16.15 Blending Teas for Health & Flavor

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8.16.15 Blending Teas for Health & Flavor

Tea Blends.PNG
Tea Blends.PNG

8.16.15 Blending Teas for Health & Flavor

from 30.00

Do you love tea that tastes amazing? Do you love feeling awesome? Perfect – this is the workshop for you. Think of it like a wine tasting class, except way less pretentious. Learn about the wide palette of herbs and spices at your disposal and how they can transform your health.

Taste, smell and mix your way to a perfect tea blend for you. Learn about the actions of individual herbs and explore ways to combine them to craft the perfect cup of tea to fit your mood, condition, constitution, and environment. We will experiment blending for different energetics, actions, and layers of flavor.  

We'll cover flavors, steep times, water temperatures, and herbal actions/indications.  You'll learn to make tasty medicinal drinks easily infused at home as we enjoy snacks and spiked tea cocktails.  Also included in the price is a small assortment of dried teas for you to play with at home!


About the Instructor: 
Oscar is an acupuncture practitionist and herbalist practicing Chinese & Functional Medicine in Atlanta & Marietta. He's been in practice for over 6 years and specializes in wholistic cancer care since training with Donnie Yance in Oregon in 2012. With a background in Nutrition Science and Martial Arts, he also addresses the other aspects of health including diet, lifestyle, physical, mental, and emotional activities. In addition to writing custom herbal formulas based on TCM, Oscar also runs Western biomedical analyses and helps guide people using these modern analytics. Bridging the gap between ancient health wisdom and modern medicine in a collaborative, lighthearted, and patient-centered way is the M.O. in his practice. He is a daily tea drinker and connoisseur, and is excited to share his knowledge of both herbal flavors and actions with this class.


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