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(12.4) Wool Penny Rug Ornaments


(12.4) Wool Penny Rug Ornaments

12.4 Wool Penny Ornament.jpg
12.4 Wool Penny Ornament.jpg

(12.4) Wool Penny Rug Ornaments

from 35.00

Wool Penny Rug Ornaments are fun and easy to assemble. Using re-purposed wool carefully cut into the ‘penny’ circles, we'll use a few basic applique stitches to piece them together. Much like quilting, penny rug crafting is a perfect activity on a cold winter night. So we'll warm up the cider, learn a new craft and you'll take home a set of finished ornaments to share (or to keep) as well as more confidence in your hand sewing skills!

About the Instructor:
Theresa has been teaching sewing since 2007 and is the owner of Fabricate Studios in West Midtown.  She's a life-long sewist, making everything from apparel to home decor.  She latest sewing-related obsession is quilting and her 2014 goal is to finish three of the quilts that she started in 2013.

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