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(11.22) The Home Dairy


(11.22) The Home Dairy

11.22 Home Dairy.jpg
11.22 Home Dairy.jpg

(11.22) The Home Dairy

from 30.00

To many folks, a homestead just isn’t complete without a dairy cow and the constant supply of fresh milk she provides. Kick off this early morning (something you’ll need to get accustomed to…) class with a milking demonstration where you’ll learn the nuances of milking both by hand and by machine. We’ll also cover safe and sanitary milk handling as well as the economics of milking. Plus, enjoy a pasture tour and discussion of the importance and basics of rotational grazing.

Whether you’re just starting to consider a cow for the future or are ready to invest in a bovine buddy of your own, Daniel will help guide you through breed selection as well as cow nutrition and health. There will be plenty of time for questions and for you to explore the farm tucked between Marietta subdivisions – East West Farm.

About the Instructor:
East West Farm is a pasture-based, all natural, family farm near Atlanta, GA in Cobb County. Daniel and Katie Seedorf are the husband/wife team that’s keeping the family farm alive in an area that used to be purely agrarian, but now replaced pasture land with shopping malls and subdivisions.

Daniel and Katie are the parents of Sarah, David, James, and Ryan. Their last name is not the only thing unusual about them, they’re actually natives of Cobb County, which these days seems rare to find.  Daniel is a full time fire fighter, and the only thing he enjoys more than farming is being a dad to his kids. Katie is a full time mother, teacher, chef, homemaker, assistant farmer and when Daniel is at the fire station, she runs the farm with a little help from the kids.

About five years ago they came to realize that there is something bad wrong with food today. First they switched to raw milk, then they discovered farm fresh eggs and grass fed meats. It didn’t take long for them to decide that farming was to be their chosen lifestyle so they could provide their family with the healthiest foods possible, have a positive impact on the environment and share their bounty with those who understand that it takes more than a USDA stamp to ensure food is safe and healthy.


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