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Get to Know Us


Regenerative - adj. (ri-ˈje-nə-ˌrā-tiv): marked by renewal or restoration to a better, more worthy state

The Homestead Atlanta has been bringing hands-on education to Georgia since early 2013. Along with our amazing community partners, The Homestead Atlanta offers workshops in the heritage skills of yesterday and the sustainability innovations of tomorrow. We strive to build regenerative communities by reacquainting people with their capacity to create through education and resource availability.

Here are some answers to things you might be wondering. Got something you're curious about we didn't cover? Just let us know!

Where are you located?
We don't have a brick and mortar location - it keeps overhead low and helps us connect with more people across this large and lovely city of ours. You'll find us as studios, kitchens, gardens and workshops across the city!


What types of workshops do you offer?

We really do offer something for just about everyone. Topics include permaculture, blacksmithing, herbal medicine, foraging, woodworking, organics gardening, canning, fermentation, mushrooms, fiber arts, beekeeping, rainwater harvesting and gray water systems, brewing & winemaking, alternative construction, small livestock care, primitive skills, solar and so much more. 

Who are your partners?

We don't want to reinvent the wheel when it comes to workshops when there are amazing artisans, educators, and organizations already offering amazing hands-on educational opportunities in our community. That's why we partner with some of the best folks in the city to connect you with regenerative learning opportunities. 

What's the deal with membership?

Glad you asked! We offer affordable memberships for students, individuals, and families both to provide quality, accessible, hands-on education in sustainable living approaches as well as connect like-minded people. Your membership includes: 

  • Discounted Rate to Workshops
  • Special Members-Only Events
  • Early-Bird Registration
  • Exclusive Content
  • Surprise Swag
  • Our Endless Gratitude

Plus, your continued support helps us grow so we can reach more people and provide more skills education. We're building the foundations of an equitable, abundant city that values every individual's creative capacity and relationship to the natural world. So thanks!

Is it for me?

Absolutely. And here's why:

  • Uncomfortable with all the wobbly systems we rely on for food, power and overall wellness? Discover an avenue to greater personal resilience.
  • Tired of the relentless pursuit of "stuff?" Empower yourself to become a producer rather than a consumer.
  • Need a break from computers, TVs, cell phones and other glowing distractions?Reconnect with the deep sense of satisfaction and authenticity that comes from making something with your own two hands.
  • Feeling strangely isolated even though you live in a city of over five million people? Rediscover the fundamentals of community when you connect with wildly different but like-minded people over a loom, an anvil, a foraging adventure and more.
  • It's downright simple, sometimes messy, always satisfying fun.

Do you offer private workshops?

The short answer is: it depends! Some of our partners offer private workshops, and we can help you coordinate with them. Due to time and space constraints, not all of our workshops are available for private scheduling. But feel free to reach out and we'll see what kind of magic we can make for you!

                                                                                                                          From "The Art of Fermentation" by Sandor Katz

                                                                                                                          From "The Art of Fermentation" by Sandor Katz