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(1.25) The Living Soil

Growing & Soil

(1.25) The Living Soil

1.25 Soil Food Web.jpg
1.25 Soil Food Web.jpg

(1.25) The Living Soil

from 55.00

The soil is an amazing, wild place – and for you to grow the healthiest plants and be a good steward of your piece of land for years to come, you need to know how to feed and care for it! Get to understand the intricate world happening beneath your feet with an in-depth introduction to the soil food web including:

·       The biology and chemistry of the soil

·       The anatomy of roots and principles of compaction

·       Soil management for disease suppression

·       Nutrient retention and C:N ratios

·       Thermal composting, compost teas & proper application


Leave with a working knowledge of the soil food web and how to cultivate the best soil possible for the healthiest plants and ecosystem. Get off of the rollercoaster of adding amendments and fertilizers  - and learn to heal your soil biologically.


Please bring a lunch

About the Instructor:
Edna Lora completed Rodale Institute’s Living Soil Intensive with Dr. Elaine Ingham, collaborating with her to create a Living Soil curriculum for a local highschool. She also founded Pasture Builders, an ecological products and services company with a focus on biological farming and gardening methods including soil biology testing, creating and managing thermal composting systems, integrated parasite management and more. In her spare time, she volunteers at Academe of the Oaks establishing and maintaining their green program and edible forest. And also raises heritage hogs, chickens and bees in addition to maintaining a large organic garden.


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