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Maintaining Your Fruit Forest

Growing & Soil

Maintaining Your Fruit Forest

2.28 Pruning Fruit Trees.JPG
2.28 Pruning Fruit Trees.JPG

Maintaining Your Fruit Forest

from 15.00

Planting your fruit trees is just the first step – a healthy fruit forest depends on knowing how to care for and prune your leafy friends. Join Robby Astrove, Atlanta's resident fruit tree guru, to learn about the maintenance and care of fruit trees and other perennial fruits and berries on your property. This hands-on workshop will focus on proper pruning, care and maintenance, though we may also cover planting (depending on the site’s needs).

Please bring pruners & gloves and wear warm, comfortable work clothes, as the workshop will take place outdoors.

About the Instructor:
Robby Astrove is a naturalist and environmental educator specializing in conservation education and ecological restoration.  Born and raised in the Everglades watershed, Robby has worked for over 10 years with youths and adults to protect urban ecosystems, wetlands, and wilderness. He’s currently a Ranger in the Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve – learn more about Arabia Mountain, as well as its attractions and history here.


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