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Building your Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary

Patterns & Design

Building your Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary

3.7 Backyard Wildlife.jpg
3.7 Backyard Wildlife.jpg

Building your Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary

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We want you go to wild – right in your backyard! Join the Atlanta Audubon Society to learn the principles and elements your yard needs to attract and provide shelter for all kinds of wildlife. By building a more stable, diverse system, you’ll be able to enjoy watching birds and critters while helping improve your local ecosystem.


We’ll cover everything from structures and feeders to the native plants that attract birds and wildlife. Shelter, food, water and nesting sites will be addressed and handouts and an informational poster will be provided.


After implementing the lessons you learn in this workshop, you can apply to the Atlanta Audubon Society for Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary Certification for your property – and, if registered, proudly display a sign showing your dedication to providing a home for wildlife.


About the Instructor:
The Atlanta Audubon Society is dedicated to protecting Georgia’s birds and the habitats that sustain them through education, conservation and advocacy. An important part of Atlanta since 1926 (when it was the Atlanta Bird Club), the Atlanta Audubon Society offers amazing resources and education in bird watching, population counting, and habitat protection.

** Not a member of the Atlanta Audubon Society? You can register here! Want to become a member of Georgia Organics and save on classes while supporting the local food movement? Join today!**

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