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Admit it: you like wine. Whether you can deftly navigate tempranillos and cab-savs or just enjoy whatever fermented grape goodness is set before you, now you can understand the fundamentals of making wine and get creative with your own heady concoctions. Open up a world of wine creativity by learning to make your own wines from fruits, vegetables or herbs.

In this workshop, we will show you the process and equipment necessary to make your own homemade wines with confidence. We’ll begin with the a popular, local wine fruit: the humble and delicious muscadine. Learn the important nuances of racking and bottling wine, taking hydrometer readings and more. Go home with a gallon of muscadine wine in secondary ferment in a brand new shiny glass carboy – all complete with airlock and full instructions. From sanitizing to sipping, you’ll learn every thing you need to know and get all of the essentials to start making wine at home.

About the Instructor:
Born and raised in the state of Georgia, Ryan has had years of experience in the culinary field. He currently works in the gardens for a farm-to-table restaurant. At home, he enjoys making wine, cooking, and other homesteading activities. In his free time, he manages his home business, Passionate Plants, where he and his wife, Rose, share knowledge any way they can! The Passionate Plants page recently received the Readers Choice Award for one of the top 50 Homesteading Pages on Facebook!

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