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21st Century Homesteading with The New School

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21st Century Homesteading with The New School

We're partnering with The New School to offer an afterschool enrichment series to highschool-aged learners. Visit their site to see even more afterschool program options.

In this workshop series, we’ll be rediscovering skills of our great grandparents to help us live a healthier lifestyle as part of a self-reliant community. We’ll also explore ways in which sustainability innovations play into a modern homestead.  

Topics will include Sustainable Gardening, Fermentation, Herbal Healing, Foraging, Backyard Bees, Preservation and more! From building mini-greenhouses out of recycled materials to making first-aid salves, observing bees or learning to spot wild edibles, this afterschool series is a great way to reconnect with the skills and knowledge it takes to live resourcefully and well.


SEPT 2: Canning
Discover how people have preserved their harvest for future seasons using canning. We’ll cover safety, techniques, how to can confidently and more. Participants will make a jar of apple butter to take home.
Instructor: Lyn Deardorf

SEPT 9: Herbal Healing
There’s a world of medicine right below your feet. We’ll talk about traditions in herbal medicine around the world as well as how to identify medicinal herbs and harvest them safely and ethically. We’ll also discuss different types of herbal preparations, demonstrate how to make an all-natural bug spray, and every participant will make a bug-bite salve to take home with him or her.
Instructor: Cara-Lee Langston

SEPT 16: Sustainable Gardening
Kicking off this fantastic series, students will sow seeds in a “mini-greenhouse” upcycled from materials otherwise bound for the landfill. We’ll cover different types of seeding, light needs, seedling care, etc.
Instructor: Dara Suchke

SEPT 23: Foraging
From greens and shoots to fruits and mushrooms, there’s a delicious world of edible wild plants all around us. We’ll cover identification, safety, the dos and don’ts of foraging and much more. We might even find a thing or two to snack on!
Instructor: Cara-Lee Langston

SEPT 30: Honeybees
Homesteads are living organisms – and keeping bees helps provide another avenue of self-reliance, a built in pollinator, and delicious honey! We’ll discuss anatomy of a hive and the importance of pollinators in our environment. We’ll also cover the lifecycle of bees, threats to them, beekeeping techniques, equipment and more. We will see a live hive in action at each participant’s comfort level.
Instructor: Daniel Goodridge

OCT 14: Fermentation
We’ll explore the wild world of fermentation and how microbes work together to preserve food – and were our go-to way to keep foods prior to refrigeration. We’ll also discuss their enormous health benefits, taste a number of different ferments including fermented applesauce and berry kvass. Participants will work together to create their very own sauerkraut to take home!
Instructor: Cara-Lee Langston

OCT 21: Urban Orchard
Ever wanted to know what's edible right off a tree in the city?   Join environmental educator and arborist Robby Astrove for East Atlanta's Edible Fruit Tree Tour where we'll see and experience 15 varieties of edible fruit trees, berry bushes, and vines.   Then just in time for tree planting season, we'll get hands-on and learn proper planting techniques while we plant trees in Brownwood Parks' Community Orchard.  Please bring a water bottle and get ready to dig in. 
Instructor: Robby Astrove

OCT 28: Alternative Construction
The homestead of today can look like a lot of different things. We’ll discuss different, earth-friendly types of buildings and, if possible, take part in repairing and plastering a cob construction.
Instructor: Aviva Kessler