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Appalachian Primitive Fire Survival Class at Foxfire

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Appalachian Primitive Fire Survival Class at Foxfire

  • Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center 98 Foxfire Lane Mountain City, GA 30562 United States (map)

Join Foxfire to learn the history and techniques around primitive fire techniques that were key to frontier survival in Appalachia and remain relevant skills today to wilderness survival. This class, taught by instructors from 4 Winds Survival School will cover the following:

  • Ignition sources - a discussion and demonstration of methods of ignition.
  • Tinder - short walk to examine and collect tinder and then a demonstration of proper bundle creation.
  • Kindling and fuel discussion - a demonstration of how to collect and prepare a proper fire lay.
  • Attendees attempt - attendees attempt to create their own fire with the info that was shared. Instructors go around and offer individual assistance to those who need it.
  • Advanced fire - attendees are offered instruction in feather-stick tinder creation and ignition with the coals from their fires and a ferro rod.
  • Feather-stick phase two - one stick fire for wet conditions. The basics of batoning and splitting a log down to create a fire when only the inside of the log is dry. The last two take a large amount of time for beginners to grasp.

These classes may or may not be something that the children can grasp (we suggest only children 9 and up and all minors be accomplanied by an adult). All phases will have special instruction and provisions for children to make it more achievable like jute twine for tinder and maybe even dryer lint. Fatwood kindling provided for beginners so that frustration doesn't take the place of fun and learning.

All participants will leave with a tinder box that they create themselves. For an additional $25, participants can begin counting credits towards becoming certified as an instructor through the 4 Winds Survival School.

Taught by: ~ Native (Owner/Lead Instructor of 4 Winds Survival School) ~ Lee Brown (4 Winds Survival School Survival Instructor) ~ Alan Kay

COST: $50; 10% discount for Homestead Atlanta members (with Membership Discount Code)

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