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ABCs of Organic Agriculture with Jairo Restrepo

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ABCs of Organic Agriculture with Jairo Restrepo

  • Lake Claire Land Trust 270 Arizona Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA, 30307 United States (map)
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This course combines the theory and practical application of Jairo Restrepo’s (bio below) approach to regenerative agriculture. The main focus of regenerative agriculture is the health of the soil and the quality of the food it produces. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on demonstrations, participants will learn how to regenerate biologically fertile and mineral rich soils that in turn produce nutritionally balanced food. Jairo’s methods allow farmers to disengage from a dependence on external inputs and enable the viable production of healthy food that is affordable to consumers and profitable for farmers.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in practical hands-on demonstrations that teach how to make organic fermented, bokashi type fertilizers; liquid biofertilizers made with manure; native microbe reproduction; and mineral brews for nutritional deficiencies and crop pests and diseases.

Spanish is Jairo’s first language so the course will be delivered through a translator with farming expertise who will be present for the whole course.

Interactive demonstrations and Topics :

  • Regenerating soil and plant health through:

    • Fermented bokashi type fertilizers

    • Biofertilizers made with manure

    • Native microbe reproduction

    • Mineral brews for plant nutrition and pest and disease prevention

  • The crisis of conventional and industrial organic agriculture

  • The transfer of power from agribusiness to sustainable farming

  • Reducing and eliminating dependence on external inputs

  • Growing nutritionally balanced, mineral rich food

Early-Bird & Homestead Atlanta Member Price:
General Admission: $275

Jairo Restrepo: Born in Colombia and educated in Brazil, Jairo Restrepo is a passionate educator and activist in the field of organic agriculture, environmental protection, and food sovereignty. He advocates for the return of power and knowledge from big agribusiness to autonomous farmers. Jairo holds graduate degrees in Ecology and Natural Resources; Agriculture and Agroecology; and Occupational Safety Engineering. He has delivered 23 international courses and over 700 lectures in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Australia; published forty scientific papers and technical articles; and released sixteen books on the subject of organic agriculture. He is a consultant to the United Nations Development Program, Unesco, the International Labour Organisation (OIT), the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and many government ministries and parliaments.

For more information about Jairo Restrepo's work and organization visit:

Jason Hayes (translator): Jason Hayes is the owner of Burdock Grove Farm, a small diverse vegetable and livestock operation in Grey County, Ontario, Canada. He also has deep ties to Colombia, where he became aware of the work of Jairo Restrepo while on hiatus last year. His fascination with all things soil health, plant health and organic/regenerative agriculture, as well as his fluency in Spanish, make him a perfect choice for translating this course.