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5.5.18 Chickens 102: Caring for your Flock

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5.5.18 Chickens 102: Caring for your Flock

Chickens 102.PNG
Chickens 102.PNG

5.5.18 Chickens 102: Caring for your Flock

from 20.00

No longer fluffy chicks, your flock is all grown up and facing a whole new set of challenges.  Learn how to ensure their health and wellness for years to come with The Celtic Gardener, Anne-Marie Anderson. This helpful workshop will address common issues such as molting, declining egg production, broody hens and raising chicks, introducing new birds, dealing with pests, injuries and diseases, rooster care or disposal, creative feeding techniques and more.

Anne-Marie keeps an urban backyard flock in Decatur, GA. She is Chair of the Atlanta Urban Coop Tour, and enjoys spreading the word about sustainable gardening and urban farming. The last 30 min of the class is Q&A. Reserve your spot today!

About the Instructor:
Anne-Marie Anderson is a firm believer in fresh air, urban farming and the power of Mother Nature. Her Decatur-based business, The Celtic Gardener, promotes responsible stewardship of the earth’s precious resources through sustainable landscaping practices such as rainwater harvesting, composting, and the use of Southern natives and heirloom plants that actually like it here. She specializes in edible landscaping and urban animal husbandry, particularly chickens and bees. 

Anne-Marie is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, England. She has lived in Atlanta for 17 years, growing to know and love our climate and native vegetation as a Master Gardener and Georgia Certified Landscape Professional. She is a co-organizer of the Atlanta Backyard Chicken Meetup Group, Chair of the 2012-2016 Atlanta Urban Coop Tours, and spoke at the 2015 Georgia Organics Conference. She is also a Certified Beekeeper.

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